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Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces is a good option to improve one’s dental health. The potential dental problems include but not limited to crowded teeth, overbites, under bites, incorrect jaw position, or temporal mandibular joint disorders. Left untreated, these problems might lead to headaches, earaches, speaking, biting chewing problems in addition to tooth decays and gum diseases.

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Braces for Adults

Some adults never received orthodontic treatments to correct problems related to their dental occlusion. It’s never too late for adults to beautify their smile or improve their dental health. We can help you or your loved ones to determine if orthodontic treatment is recommended to achieve optimum dental health.
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Braces for Teenagers

One of the best times for a person to get braces and orthodontic work done is when his/her permanent teeth are fully erupted. Most people’s permanent teeth replace all their baby teeth in their early teens. Call our office for a consultation!


Braces for Children

Some dental occlusion problems are simply easier to correct if they are corrected early. Knowing whether your child might need corrective dental work simply offers peace of mind. Some children might need interceptive orthodontic treatment to prevent more severe problems later on.

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Every person who has received orthodontic treatment should plan to wear retainer for life to maintain their occlusion and prevent dental relapse. Milpitas Dental Group offers both traditional type retainers and Invisalign type retainers to our patients to maintain their optimum dental occlusion.
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